ITIL – IT infrastructure Libraray Basics

As from the common sense i would say Its a library that contains the best practices that are followed in the IT industries .

Questions for Me :
what is ITIL ?
what ITIL Do ?
Why This Library Is Designed ?
What role does it play for the IT companies ?
how this library is implemented in the companies ?
Does ITIL have levels ?
And how many books does it contains ?
Where this library is present ?
Where are the resources for learning ?
Why the Technical professionals have to understand it ?
Does it give some view of the systems design ?
Is it related to some engineering stuff ?
How we can observe and see the ITIL ?
What is the role of the ITIL in DATA Center ?
Does it have any Frameworks ?
How many frameworks does it have ?
Which professional does practices this library ?
ITs a kind of framework for building the IT Library ?


About Devendra Singh

A guy with self learning capability , Analytical Ability , Exploring in nature , Just looking for ways for spreading happiness among everyone. Little aggressive some time. Just want peace everywhere in this world.
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