The reources always play a important role and the right resource will always paly an important role .

As the latest version is  the ITIL v3 certification . So it only contains the set 0f 28 process and functions grouped unders 5


  • Service Strategy (SS) (Business Perspective book of V2)
  • Service Design (SD) (Combination of Application Management and Service Delivery)
  • Service Transition (ST) (Handling the transition phase – Change and Release Management)
  • Service Operation (SO) (Mix of ICT Infrastructure Management, Application Management & Service Support as per ITIL® V2)
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) (SQP , SIP, PDCA etc)

focus :

  • Employees involved in the management of an IT Infrastructure who are required to work within working processes that are, or will be, organized according to ITIL®.
  • Candidates who wish to progress further to the Practitioner or Manager’s Certificate in IT Service Management or to certification in the area of ISO 20000. The Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management is a prerequisite for the Practitioner or Manager’s Certificate in IT Service Management.
  • Staff entering an IT environment who might have day-to-day responsibilities within one or more of the service management disciplines.
  • Staff working in an IT service management discipline who wish to broaden their understanding of how their role fits into the wider service management framework.
  • Other staff whose effectiveness would be enhanced by a greater awareness and understanding of best practices in IT service management.

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