Sun’s Cloud Chilling at Vegas SuperNAP

What lies ahead for the Sun Open Cloud Platform unveiled in March? That will likely be a decision for Oracle Systems (ORCL), which has agreed to acquire Sun Microsystems(JAVA) for $7.4 billion, with the deal is expected to close this summer. Until then, the Sun Cloud is chilling in the SuperNAP in Las Vegas, where its servers are housed in one of Switch Communciations’ custom high-density computing pods known as a T-SCIF (short for Thermal Separate Compartment in Facility). We had a look at the Sun installation during a recent tour of the SuperNAP. The racks are packed top to bottom with servers, creating a power load of up to 24 kW per rack. This video from Sun provides an inside look at the company’s operation at the SuperNAP and the cooling systems that manage that density for the Sun cloud platform.

The vedio from the youtube has to be integrated



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