Building Data Center Infrastructure

From my childhood i was  very curious about the computer systems and i always wanted to play with them . The time has come to do some plan to build your infrastructure for my own research .

If we have understood that what is the meaning of the Data center then i would say it is the headquarter for the data . It is the home for the data . After performing the action on the data it again get back to its home .

Now that was the some common sense that i have for the data-center .

The next question which should be addressed that :

Question : How to build data center ?

Solution :  As we arrange our information in the books same like we have some frameworks with the help of which we can design our infrastructure for the Data-Center .

Question : which all components are used in the DataCenter ?

Solution :   As we have some of the components that are mostly used during the design of the datacenter .

1. Hardware :   Motherboard , Processors , Storage media  , Cables ,                             UPS , Generators , Power cables , AC , Racks ,                                      Networks Cards  , cable connectors , fiber cables ,                                  monitors  , keyboards ,  RAM , Cooling systems ,                                    switches , routers, bridges .

2. Softwares : System softwares (OS ) , Application Softwares  ,                                   Firewalls , IDS , IPS .

This list is not the complete one .

I have just written what i was able to guess .

i have to look for the vendors who provide the datacenter solutions to the different clients .





what they say about the datacenter infrastructures . And how windows look into the datacenter design .

what AZURE is doing in the clouds . ?

there are lot of questions . I am trying to see and observe what is going on around me .


About Devendra Singh

A guy with self learning capability , Analytical Ability , Exploring in nature , Just looking for ways for spreading happiness among everyone. Little aggressive some time. Just want peace everywhere in this world.
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