Automation with HP-SAS : who, what and when

We have been working on HP-SAS in our project . Its really wonderfull tool to automate your IT enviroment changes and for managing a whole Data Center . I  started learning and using it for patching windows server but it has lot of capability that can make changes on the OS level .  

I  will keep sharing what all i am learning day by day with the help of our Team and manuals . Let me first share what all activities we have done with the help of it .

1. Patching any OS ( We patch Windows server )

2. Deploying any software on Multiple server in single shot .

3. Auditing Reports 

There are lot things that we can do , i am also exploring and getting handy to use this tool and learn some scripting to automate the task . We have HP-NAS also that can automate the networks .

Opsware’s Network Automation System (NAS) and Server Automation System both contributes to enabling general control for IT and changes in the enviroment . NAS/SAS also improves the current network operations by utilizing the following features in a network and server environment:

  1. It provides a single platform view in a multi vendor environment.
  2. The NAS/SAS can establish CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase) by automatically collecting configuration information.
  3. Access via the core server. With this function, NAS/SAS offers a system with traceability to record who, what and when.
  4. Policy-base operation. The system can define rules depending on the IT administrator’s know-how on configuration and security. Thus, offers high reliability and with this knowledge management, responds to the lack of manpower.
  5. Strongly supports internal auditing. This is achieved by enabling functions baportingsed on the above (#3) feature.
  6. Significant cost reduction. Because all the operations above are done automatically, it enables significant cost reduction.

 Will update soon .


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