Automation environment on Windows : Powershell – Monad

History :

” Monad ”  is the codename for a command line interface in development as part of Microsoft’s Windows Longhorn project. It includes many features from traditional Unix shells, as well as object-oriented concepts. Monad  has grown to become a real, tangible, product—now called Windows PowerShell.

I was going through some of the blogs and articles to find out some anwers for basic questions “

Q : What it can do and how a administrator who manages the tasks on windows server can get the benefit out of it ?

Answer is very simple :

We can automate all the administrative task that are done on the windows servers with the help of the  powershell Like :  Exchange 2007 , Active Directory , File System , Windows events logs and some of the enterprise focused tasks  . I will be writing all the test that we are doing constantly on the windows servers other enterprise-focused tasks .

Powershell Architecture  :

We can’t really tell from just looking at its character-based interface, but PowerShell itself is actually quite a sophisticated piece of engineering. Like designers wanted to replace the traditional Windows Command-Line Interface (CLI or DOS ) with something better which can do some following things :

  • Something that combines the expressive power of previous CLI implementations
  • Rich composition ability of UNIX shells
  • Ability to manipulate objects that represent things in the system, as opposed to mere text on screen.

PowerShell Capability  :

It is really revolutionizing the world of system management and command-line shells . Its going to be really a nice tool for learning the basics of programming on the windows machines. This shell grows with learners and administators . Lets get into the capability of it :

  • It works with standard Windows commands and applications
  • It offers many improvement over the command line usage : cmdlets
  • It understand objects ( Like PowerShell uses WinRM to send commands remotely to other Exchange servers on the network )
  • It caters to administrators becuase of if its interactivity .
  • It Support discovery  we can learn and discover almost anything PowerShell has to offer .
  • It enable ubiquitous scripting &  let you automate tasks with ease.
  • It bridges many technologies by working with .NET, COM,WMI, XML, and Active Directory, PowerShell makes working with these previously isolated technologies.
  • It simplifies management of data stores from its provider model,we can  manage data stores using the same techniques that we  already use to manage files and folders .
  • It can handle management of ESX servers  ( VMware )

I am trying to get some motivation my writing the above points for learning so that i can explore Powershell in best manner .


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