Basic Application Support Skills

As  i have been involved in application support work in current company so i tried to find out basic skill set that i need to have to work in this domain. As i understood application support is about supporting a application which can involve below task :

  1. Installation/Setup of Application in new environment.
  2. Configuration of application for the use by business.
  3. Resolving the issues coming after the environment setup is completed.
  4. Refreshing the QA/DEV environment from production system.
  5. Giving access to users for access to the environment.
  6. Resolving issues related to the performance in the environment.
  7. Integration of the application with other interfaces for business functioning.
  8. Testing all the business cases after environment change is completed.
  9. Automating manual tasks for saving time .

About Devendra Singh

A guy with self learning capability , Analytical Ability , Exploring in nature , Just looking for ways for spreading happiness among everyone. Little aggressive some time. Just want peace everywhere in this world.
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