Daily Technical Activities

We are just trying to go with full speed for learning in the month of June so that we can see the technical capacity with ourself . Today i thought to create the list of activities that we are doing on daily basis in the Application Support Profile :

  1. Morning Health Checks : SOX Checks
  2. Forecast uploads on database server
  3. Resolving user issue in case they are not able to access the application with network basic network test.
  4. Checking the webserver [ IIS issues ] for the users who are using the web version of the application.
  5. Database migration from PROD to QA or DEV system.
  6. Resolving performance issues for users or a user .
  7. Release management of the new version of the software in the current environment.
  8. Integrating the PROD system with other application through FTP and SFTP as per business requirement.
  9. Deploying SQL / Application patches provided by the vendor with testing on DEV and then PROD system with change management process.
  10. Creating and Updating the SOPs which are required for the project.
  11. Automating the manual tasks as per the CSI in the project.
  12. Creating Users in application and providing adding them to the group as required as per the role and responsibility.
  13. Resolving trade issue done by the front office user for completing the first phase.
  14. Resolving the confirmation messages to be sent to MiSYS for trade confirmation.
  15. Sending Payment MT101 messages to Swift with bottom line.
  16. Checking the MT940 errors for the files importing to production system and find the solution to resolve it.
  17. MonthEnd activities need to be completed at the end of every month.
  18. Report creation as required by the treasury users .
  19. Capacity checks on the servers as data grows every month on the server.
  20. Performing UAT of other application for integration testing.

We will keep adding the activities as per our job role.


About Devendra Singh

A guy with self learning capability , Analytical Ability , Exploring in nature , Just looking for ways for spreading happiness among everyone. Little aggressive some time. Just want peace everywhere in this world.
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