To Keep my self always learning technology with different taste i keep trying new technology and get a taste of them . To keep make a clear view about the skillset for my coming MS program i have started keeping things at one place so that it helps me to review and get my self organised .

Till now i have gone through some of the cool technology from my college days some of them are follows :

Opensource Solution 

  1. Content Management System :  

I have gone through most of PHP based content management systems which are easy to learn and test like :

  • WordPress
  • Drupal

2.  Q&A Secti0n 

It also belongs from PHP based Q&A section like : 

3.  Forums

I have gone through every forum based on PHP like : PHPBB etc

4.  Social Network

I tried to build the social network with the help of my college linux group : RKGLUG and it worked great . i use Elgg to develop it . 

5.  E-Commerce : 

To get the taste of the opensource E-Commerce Solution i tried : PrestaShop ,  

Will keep updating as will be learning new technology and tools .


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